Most Dash Panels are $99.95

Made With Grade A ,10 oz Leather and that Means Super Thick .It's made from the Bend which is the best, strongest and cleanest part of the hide .
It is Hand Saddle Stitched...Not sewing machine sewn .That Means Every Hole Is Hand Punched and Then Hand Stitched .
It Has A Center Of Thin Metal to Keep It's Shape and A bottom Layer of Felt .
The Design Is Hand Tooled .It is Hand Dyed  .I use Pro Oil Dye ....Not Paint !!! I don't Paint leather white or blue etc.
Save the paint for your walls because it won't last no matter what anyone says .
It measures 10 7/8" long and 4 7/8" wide.
You Drill The Hole For Perfect Fitment to your Set Up .
I can Make Any Size Custom For Your Ride .